Saturday, September 1, 2012

Space Nuke Test Ad Revenue Stolen by tseriesbhakti - The Seedy Underbelly of YouTube

 Reposting this from my Reddit account so more people will see it:

Many of you may remember a post in [TIL from yesterday about an H-Bomb detonation in space]. In the blog article, there was an embedded YouTube video of the declassified US footage. That video was hosted on talkingsticktb's YouTube channel.

[At least a few people] that went to the video page were confused by something in the bottom right of the description: "contains content from tseriesbhakti". I'm sure most of you are familiar with what that means, but for anyone outside of letsplay, it means that tseriesbhakti claimed that the video contained his copyrighted material, and that YouTube allowed it.

[Tseriesbhakti] is an Indian music artist. This is a video of declassified US nuclear tests. Fishy, fishy, fishy.

To confirm what everyone was thinking, I messaged talkingsticktv to inquire about the copyright claim from tseries. As it turns out, talkingsticktv uploaded it without placing ads in the video. Tseriesbhakti saw this and claimed copyright on the public domain footage. Nothing illegal here, technically. However, there's nothing talkingsticktv can do to get the claim off the video.

Talkingsticktv uploads a lot of public domain footage, so this isn't the first time that a video was sniped. In the past, they tried to contest the sniped video copyright claim to get the ads off, and received a strike against their account. This is completely unacceptable. If I host content on my channel, I want to be able to control that content. I don't want a large YouTube network partner coming in and taking a proverbial crap on my front lawn, and when the police show up, they hand me a ticket.


  • talkingsticktv uploaded a public domain video to their channel
  • It made it to Reddit front page
  • tseriesbhakti claimed copyright on the public domain video that is hosted on talkingsticktv
  • tseriesbhakti is currently getting all of the ad revenue from that video
  • talkingsticktv can't do anything about it, because the last time they tried, YouTube/Google gave their account a mark

[Here is the conversation between talkingsticktv and myself]

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